Tuesday 20 May 2014

When I am born tomorrow (infant to mom)                       by Darnell Fortune (ARROWSA Bechet)

May 19, 2014 at 10:50pm
When I Am Born Tomorrow
I shall take my first breath of air
My lungs will swell
My heart will race
And i shall let out a cry
A cry to the world for i am alive
You shall hold me in your arms
and comfort me
As i am your child
Your gift from God :)

Mama when i am born tomorrow
I want you to tell the whole family
I want to see all their faces when i first open my eyes
Every aunt, uncle, cousin and sibling must be present
I want the warmest welcome!

When I am born tomorrow
I want you to cherish the moment
No matter how much pain i've caused you
Just remember that i am here
Finaly :)
And that i am your hope
Your faith
Your blood
Your every being
I am you

Mama When i am born tomorrow
Do not reject me but love me
Do not regret me but embrace the fact that i am here
Do not fear
I am no enemy
I am your identity
You throw me away and you throw yourself away

Mama When i am born tomorrow
Know that i too am a living human being
I have a future ahead of me
Whether it be bright or not
I will take it with open arms
They may be tiny now
but ill grow big and strong
And when i start to resemble you
Don't look away
You are beautiful

When i am born tomorrow
Ill be stronger than i am today
Wiser than i was yesterday
And happier than i ever was
I will take the world no matter how small
For my brain has no idea of the emotion called fear

Mama When i am born tomorrow
Just love me
Love me more than the love that created me
Just love me!

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