Monday 26 July 2021

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Phone Call to the World ARROWSA webinar 2 - Environmental Justice by Shannon Landers

ARROW-INDRA were privileged to host a webinar presented by Shannon Landers, a PhD candidate, lecturer and Enviro-activist from the south of Durban as part of the Phone Call to the World project led by Scottish Youth Theatre (see  Phone Call to the World). Shannon's participation was organised by ARROWSA partner CCMS, UKZN.

Shannon's presentation stimulated much discussion and debate amongst the youth and leaders from ARROWSA Bechet (Durban), South Roots International (Cape Town), Abasha Bash LHM (Durban), Shef (India) and Gorsehill Studios (Manchester).

Casey Spinner of ARROWSA Bechet responded to the webinar with a video calling for the youth to play their part in protecting our environment.

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