Saturday 30 April 2022

ARROWSA presented at the Webinar: Arts, youth conscientization

 and environmental issues at COP 26: Reflections on Phone call to

 the world on 28 April 2022

The webinar was part of the Centre for Civil Society - Special Webinar Series that took place

between March and May 2022. The series is titled Reflections on COP26 and remains online

for 2022.

ARROWSA Speakers were: Mary Elizabeth Lange and Luthando Ngema and ARROWSA invited

South Roots Int.  Noluthando Shandu and Rachelle Ngalula Mukendi  to present with them. Bheki

Dlamini of ARROWSA assisted in the devising of the presentation. 

The topic of the webinar was:

ARROWSA, a registered voluntary non-profit organization based in Durban South Africa, led South Africa’s participation in an international project titled Phone Call to the World. This collaborative project with youth utilized the arts to address environmental issues. It was led by Scottish Youth Theatre, funded by the British Council and culminated in a COP26 exhibition in Glasgow of outputs from the hubs in Scotland, England, Palestine, India and South Africa. Representatives of ARROWSA and their national partner South Roots Int. in the Cape Flats will in this presentation share how ARROWSA came to be involved in a COP26 project, who the participants from Durban and Cape Flats were, what methodology was used in the project, what the project outputs were and which of these were included in the COP26 exhibition. The challenges, success and impact of the project on the participants and the organization will also be explored in the presentation.  


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