Thursday 24 May 2018

Jewellery auction towards fund-raising for the Indra Congress 'Pathways':

Indra's net necklace in sterling silver with carved pearl.

An exquisite once off hand-crafted jewellery piece has once 
more donated  to assist in fund raising for the Indra Congress Pathway by Kathlyn Allan (@author-adorn).  The hand-crafted necklace of sterling silver with engraved pearl is based on Indra's jewelled net - a metaphor for interdependence and interconnectivity as each jewel is reliant on the others to reflect their own and each other's brilliance.  

Details of how to bid for the necklace are below. All proceeds will go towards the Indra Congress Pathways!  

If you can't afford to bid please support the congress with a contribution to ARROWSA.

Banking details:

Bank: Nedbank

Account Name: ARROWSA

Account Number: 1380160146

Branch Name: Westville Mall

Branch Number: 138026

Account Type: Current

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