Wednesday 13 May 2020


Luthando Ngema 

Media and Cultural Studies Department, School of Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Luthando Ngema is an ARROWSA legend who is an essential ARROWSA management portfolio leader who has brought in funding for ARROWSA Bechet. Luthando is a lecturer in the Media and Cultural Studies Department, School of Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal and a PhD candidate! Over the past few years, Luthando has co-chaired ARROWSA with Mary Lange. She started her enthusiastic support of ARROWSA as a CCMS, UKZN voluntary student in 2010 at ARROWSA Bechet and the Palmiet Nature Reserve programmes.  
Luthando’s commitment to ARROWSA over the years reflects in the work that is shared in numerous posts under ARROWSA Bechet, Palmiet Nature Reserve and Indra Congress labels in the ARROWSA blog.  These posts record some of the many activities and events that she has led. These include leading ARROWSA teams to National Arts Council funded Indra Congress bi-lateral exchanges with India and Plymouth hubs as well as Kalahari trips. Luthando has stepped in as one of the ARROWSA representatives in the eThekwini Local History Museums’ Passbook and Abasha Bash competitions. Despite her busy schedule as a lecturer, PhD candidate and mother, her enthusiasm, dedication and creative thinking inspire the ARROWSA participants and management! 

Luthando Ngema presents in Plymouth, United Kingdom on ARROWSA, 2015
  A hand mapping exercise led by Luthando in Lucknow, India 2014

Luthando Ngema with Aslina Madikizela at the 
ARROWSA -  Palmiet Nature Reserve programme, 2015.

Luthando representing ARROWSA at the eThekwini Local History Museum's Abasha Bash competition

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