Friday 29 May 2020

Support performing artists who are helping hands in providing food during the lockdown Covid-19 2020! 
South Roots International including ARROWSA alumni

ARROWSA Alumni, Noluthando, Angela, Ntombi and Rachelle, who are performing arts interns at South Roots International, became part of the team that assisted in delivering food to the vulnerable in the Cape Flats during the Covid-19 lockdown. The team was led by Gloria of Balls not Guns and included Shanette, Sue-Livia, Jesse, Gracia and Nicole with the ARROWSA alumni. 

When the wearing of masks was enforced the team made 100 masks for community workers. 

The team make sandwiches, write inspiring notes and stick them on the sandwiches or loaves of bread that they distribute. Bags of fresh food products and packets of dry food products are delivered to central points in the Cape Town areas where communities women and children cook food for the vulnerable communities. Particularly the children are fed. Queues of children wait in lines that comply with social distancing requirements. 

The team started delivering to a few hundred vulnerable people in nine areas of the Cape Flats but at present are delivering to thousands in areas all over the Cape Flats. In mid-May the following places and numbers were supplied:

Food stations, numbers of people and times of delivery:
1.      Eagle Park   300 children      6  days  a week
2.      Jimsebos      200 children     3 days  a week
3.      Phumlani     300 children      4  days  a week
We cook for the above communities at the Lodge daily who have representatives who fetch it 
4.      Sea Winds   300 5 days a week     2 feeding station  two poorly equipped kitchens
5.      Cafda          200  6 days a week     2 feeding stations
6.      Parkwood.   350  6 days a week    1  feeding station
7.       New Horizon M 1     200  6 days a week  1 feeding station
8.       New Horizon  M 2   200 6 days     1 feeding station
9.      New Horizon   A       200  6 days    1 feeding station
Food delivered in the Cape Flats
10.  Hanover Park    550 6days a week      3  feeding stations
11.  Manenberg.      500  6 days a week   18  feeding stations
12.  Bontheuwel.   300 6 days a week        3 feeding stations
13.  Bishop lavis     200 6 days week          1 feeding station
14.  Portland          200 3 days a week        1   feeding station
15.  Tafelsig.          800 3 days a week        2 feeding stations
Food delivered in the Northern Suburbs
16.  Eerste River     300 6 days                  2  feeding stations
17.  Kuilsriver       200   6 days                   3 feeding stations
18.  Wesbank.      300    6 days                  5 feeding stations
19.  Vlottenburg   200  4 days a week        1 feeding station for the rest below
20.  Watsonia       200   
21.  Scottsville      350

At the end of May the number of people who make and supply the sandwiches have decreased because they are returning to work. 



ARROWSA assisted the South Roots International team in a small way by appealing for funds from the public to purchase food for distribution. New donors came forward as did some of ARROWSA's faithful supporters. We thank all of them! 
If you would like to contribute towards this ongoing work, please deposit your donation to the following bank account with the reference Food. 

South Roots International
FNB Cheque Acc 62629085798
Branch 200407
Swift Code

If you would like updates on the food distribution please contact us at

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