Sunday 6 May 2012

Culture and Heritage for Peace - 

ARROWSA and the Palmiet Nature Reserve Gwalagwala cliff archaeological site.

ARROWSA is working in affiliation with the Palmiet Nature Reserve Committee and eThekwini Parks and Nature Reserve towards the development of the Palmiet Gwalagwala Cliff archaeological site for school educational programmes and cultural tourism. On the 06 May 2012 a group of visitors was taken to view the archaeological dig.  The context and background of the dig was explained to the group through the use of artefacts.  A mixture of ages and cultures were included in the lively group who crossed the river despite the high water.  This emphasised the need for a bridge if these programmes are to take place regularly.  The visitors were encouraged to visit the Bergtheil Museum to view the artefacts from the site are housed.  Danielle Evans, an honours student at the Centre for Communication, Media and Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal took the photographs and is conducting a research project on the marketing of the programmes.

Visitors at the overhead stormwater drain site at the Gwalagwala cliff site where sherds of Late Iron Age pottery was naturally excavated by flood water
The Gwalagwala cliff archaeological dig includes evidence from second phase Nguni settlers to South African Anglo-Boer war
Strata in the Gwalagwala cliff archaeological dig.

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Saturday 5 May 2012

Intercultural exchange:

Peace through understanding is promoted by ARROWSA.  

Both national (South Africa) and international trips facilitate face-to-face dialogue, and performance exchange between different cultures and knowledge and appreciation for the environment.

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