Wednesday 22 September 2021

 Celebrating our natural and cultural heritage

Heritage Day 2021 


ARROWSA Bechet as part of the Phone Call to the World project will create a vegetable and herb garden that celebrates our diverse use of plants for food and wellbeing. The garden containers will be from recycled objects.

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Monday 20 September 2021


They Stand Their Ground video

by Vincent Salanji ARROWSA management

partially funded by National Arts Council and including ARROWSA partners South Roots International, Cape Flats and SHEF, India.

The culmination of the Scarecrow project that ARROWSA led with Indra partners South Roots International in Cape Town, SHEF in India and Gorse Hill Studios in Manchester, UK culminated in They Stand their Ground against Gender Based Violence exhibition of large figures made from recycled materials that each hub made. Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA narrates this video that includes the voices of some of the project youth and their ideas on the impact of the project.

Friday 10 September 2021

Save our planet #mycalltotheworld

My  call to the world 

by ARROWSA Bechet youth 

Part of My phone call to the world led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by British Council

#myphonecalltotheworld #COP26 #togetherforourplanet #creation # reverberation #theclimateconnection