Wednesday 28 February 2018

ARROWSA is excited to host
The INDRA Congress Pathways
on 2 to 8 July 2018 in Durban

Would you like to be a supporter of this arts for peace event?

Were you an ARROWSA participant who went overseas or within South Africa to participate in ARROW of INDRA Congresses and would you like to reciprocate the kindness of our hosts overseas or nationally by contributing funds for the congress accommodation and food of participants from Derry (Northern Ireland), Sierra Leone, India, Northern and Western Cape, UK, Nigeria, Greece, Palestine and Germany?
Contact Mary or Bheki at

     To see what Indra Congress is about go to 

Bheki Dlamini, ARROWSA Bechet co-ordinator and 
ARROWSA alumni Kholekela Zikhali appear in the video from when they attended the Indra Congress in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Kholekela Zikhali revisits ARROWSA Bechet

Kholekela Zikhali visited ARROWSA Bechet to share her experiences of ARROWSA with the new and old participants.  Her enthusiasm to share her talents is always very appreciated. Thanks Kholekela and hope to see you at the Indra Congress to be held in Durban from 2nd to 8th July 2018!

Below:  Kholekela visits ARROWSA Bechet led by Bheki Dlamini in February 2018.

    Below:  Kholekela performs in Derry, Northern Ireland with Bheki Dlamini as they represent           ARROWSA at the Indra Congress.

    Below:  Kholekela when she was in ARROWSA Bechet in 2013

Pathways Indra Congress build-up programme starts

ARROWSA Bechet in Durban, South Africa held their first Pathways session.  They look forward to engaging with youth from all over the world by sharing through the arts.their exploration of inner and outer pathways and what helps their personal and collective pathways or hinders them. 

ARROWSA Bechet learners win many awards!

Congratulations to all the ARROWSA Bechet learners who won so many awards from Bechet High School!