Monday 28 June 2021

 Webinar 1 Phone Call to the World

Ecobricks as a tool for environmental education

by Jessica Ross

Jessica Ross facilitated our first ARROW-INDRA webinar as part of The Phone Call to the World project. One of ARROWSA's non-arts partners in the project, CCMS, UKZN organised Jessica's participation in the webinar. Jessica is a passionate advocate for the environment.  She has a MSc in Geography, and is currently a student teacher of Geography and English. Jessica's passion for the subject of Eco bricks shone through as she presented a PowerPoint on the subject. Jessica included her context, how to make Eco bricks and the process and results of her MSc on Eco bricks.

The webinar was attended by approximately 45 youth and leaders from South Africa, India, England and Scotland. 


Mr Bhekithemba Dlamini of ARROWSA led the webinar and an ARROWSA Bechet participant Monique Mukendi warmed up the session with a beautiful rendition of "Hero" by Mariah Carey.  Monique opened the way for Jessica to show how we can be hero's in the fight for our environment. Or as Jessica said: "Eco warriors" and "Eco worriers"!

The break away sessions in the webinar, after Jessica's presentation, resulted in creative responses inspired by what she had shared. Some groups focused on what they would create from eco-bricks from chairs, tables, walls and dirt bins. Other groups focused on how they would create an awareness campaign on Eco bricks through media such as cartoons.

If the ARROWSA Bechet participants' inspired reaction to the project are anything to go by Jessica has sparked a renewed drive in how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastics with innovative and creative products as an outcome.

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They Stand their ground 

against Gender-Based Violence 

in UKZN NDABA online

Photo: FJ Lange 

Thursday 17 June 2021


While remembering the pain and suffering of the past upon which youth day is built the youth of ARROWSA Bechet and ARROWSA management also emphasised the responsibility of today. The responsibility of creating sustainable projects that will impact future generations and the responsibility of being a positive influence on today and the future. 

Photo: Frik Lange

ARROWSA projects at ARROWSA Bechet, with Indra Congress partners across the globe, CCMS, UKZN, school programmes linked to Durban Local History Museums and Palmiet Nature Reserve and South Roots International do this in three main ways. Firstly in the process of using arts, culture and heritage for youth to build their intrapersonal knowledge and skills of where they come from, who they are now, how they relate to others and where they would like to be in the future and secondly by the collaborative art, culture and heritage products that they create which includes interpersonal knowledge and skills as they learn about other youth and through knowledge gained learn to appreciate similarities and differences and to identify and empathise. Thirdly the dissemination, exhibition or installation of their art, culture and heritage products to the public - local, national and international ensures that the collaborative messages that they create through their products is heard and seen by as many youth as possible.

                                                                        Photo: Frik Lange

                                                                          Photo: Frik Lange

On Youth Day 2021 ARROWSA Youth from three collaborative projects took part in two activities that  emphasised their belief in making a positive change. The first event, led by Mr Bheki Dlamini, emphasised the process of creating change as winners of - Miss Bechet and Mister Bechet 2021 from ARROWSA Bechet - committed to starting the creation of a vegetable garden making use of recycled materials in a creative way at Bechet High School. The vegetables once grown will contribute to the school soup kitchen feeding scheme at the school and for the disadvantaged. It was an inspiring morning of planning, creating and working! Mister Bechet, Comfort Mchunu, emphasised that they wanted to be part of projects that were sustainable.

                                                                       Photo: Frik Lange

The second event emphasised a product of the 'Scarecrow' collaborative project of ARROW-INDRA that included youth from ARROWSA Bechet in Durban, Lucknow India, Gorsehill Studios, Manchester, UK and South Roots International in Cape Flats, SA. The product is a song 'We're in this together!' that was the result of three online song-writing workshops, funded by National Arts Council and facilitated by Sue-Livia van Wyk of South Roots International. Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA management organised an interview with Ntombi Mtolo on Durban Youth Radio. Vincent and Sue-Livia were interviewed and the song was played over the radio. An exciting moment for all involved! Sue-Livia van Wyk of South Roots International made a call on the youth to be themselves and true to where they come from and are and not to try and be someone else. Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA management emphasised that Youth Day should be called Future Day and as that it should include youth coming together and devising strategies to ensure a bright future.

                                                              Photo: Kaylyn Govender

Photo: Kaylyn Govender

Photo: Kaylyn Govender

The ARROWSA youth's initiatives on Youth Day 2021 as part of their drive for sustainable change are an inspiration to all generations and give hope for a better today and future.

Monday 7 June 2021

               They stand their ground               against gender-based violence!

It was an exciting morning when partners from the ARROWSA Durban team of the They stand their ground against gender-based violence came together at the installation in Durban City Hall foyer. This is the Durban leg of the ARROW-INDRA SAUKINDIA part of the project. ARROWSA Bechet learners who are based at Bechet High School created two textile 'people' from recycled materials with the assistance of Mary Lange, ARROWSA chair and Bheki Dlamini, ARROWSA performance and schools portfolio leader and an educator at Bechet High School.  

The ARROWSA Bechet participants contribution was guided by three ARROWSA Bechet leaders namely Casey Spinner, Sne Mbisi and Mary Tsheteya. Banners in the installation included images from the South Roots International contribution to the project that will be exhibited in Cape Town. One banner included an image of Naledi.

The textile people from recycled materials were inspired by the work of Maggi Squire (see her instagram page @maggisquire) and one banner included an image of Maggi's She who stands her ground created by Maggi during lockdown. Maggi hosted an online workshop with the ARROW-INDRA participants from ARROWSA Bechet, Local History Museums and CCMS, UKZN from Durban, South Roots International from Cape Flats, Touchstones Rochdale and Gorse hill Studios in Manchester, UK and Study Hall Educational Foundation in Lucknow, India.  Maggi's workshop formed part of the ARROW-INDRA SAUKINDIA 'Scarecrow' project.  

The 'Scarecrow' project stimulated creative thinking of us as a community guarding each other against gender-based violence in the same way as a scarecrow guards the crops from predators.  ARROWSA Bechet created two textile 'people' from recycled materials such as empty dog food containers, old curtains, brooms and place mats. They created two 'people' one named Deli who represents abuse in the domestic space, either of wives, girlfriends and partners or of domestic workers. The other 'person' is Thanaka who represents the LGBTQ+ community, particularly boys and young men who are often ignored in discussions on gender-based violence. 

The installation is interactive as visitors are invited to add words of support to Deli and Thanaka. There is also a book where comments may be written down by visitors. Already the pages are filling with comments. Join us in standing against gender-based violence by visiting the installation at the Durban City Hall foyer - at the entrance to the library.

Thanks to National Arts Council for funding towards this project
Thanks for assistance with the installation to Local History Museums, DAG and Author Jewellers.
Photos by Frik Lange


Wednesday 2 June 2021

 Mr Bechet 2021 coming soon

Mr Bheki Dlamini and his team at Bechet High School have been very busy with their rehearsals for the Mr Bechet: responsible men competition. We wish them all the very best!