Thursday 22 April 2021

Phone Call to the World project –  

Now launched! 


Happy Earth Day!!  ARROWSA is thrilled to be part of this international project with South Roots International in South Africa and Indra hubs through out the world. 

We are also excited include CCMS, UKZN, Palmiet Nature Reserve and Local History Museums as our non-arts partners in South Africa.

 A collaborative project about creative action engaged with climate change issues.

 Investigate more through the project website.

Listen to young people’s voices making emergency calls from ARROWSA Bechet

and South Roots International in South Africa, 

England, India, Palestine and Scotland 

all hosted on a bespoke interactive map.

ARROWSA is thrilled to be part of this project! 

 #PhoneCallToTheWorld #TheClimateConnection #COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet

 @southrootsinternational @scottishyouththeatre @britishcouncil

Thursday 15 April 2021

PALMIET RIVER OF SECRET LIVES: interpreting archaeological evidence in t...

Video on the archaeology of the Palmiet Nature Reserve

ARROWSA was part of the collaborative team led by Bergtheil Museum, Ethekwini Local History Museums, in the making of the video 'River of Secret Lives: Interpreting archaeological evidence of the Palmiet Nature Reserve'.  The video is narrated by the famous South African storyteller Dr Gcina Mhlope.  

Tuesday 13 April 2021


ARROWSA website to be launched soon! 
Funded by National Arts Council  

Looking forward to the video below appearing on the ARROWSA website about ARROWSA's beginnings. The video was created by ARROWSA alumni, Africa Ngcobo, about his trip to the UK 
with ARROWSA in 2006 that included arts activities and a theatre performance and the impact that 
it all had on him.   

Thursday 1 April 2021

Revised Scarecrow with captions

Watch the revised video by Vincent on 'Scarecrows' and gender-based violence 
(Partially funded by National Arts Council)