Thursday 31 March 2022

ARROWSA NAC Arts and Mental Calmness vlog Day 1 30 March 2022

Day 1 vlog ARROWSA  NAC

Arts and Mental Calmness

Thanks to Bechet High School, South Roots Int., Dept of Performing Arts UKZN, Vinnie's Vision, Perfect Events and National Arts Council South Africa.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

 Phone Call to the World - ripples created

As the Phone Call to the World project, led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by the British Council, draws to a close the ripples created by the project are felt in the South African hubs that were led by ARROWSA: ARROWSA Bechet Durban and South Roots Int. Cape Flats. 

The project came to a close with three online sessions for youth selected by each participating country. These youth were selected as Green Ambassadors. Lisa Allen of Indra at Home in Manchester, facilitated that Home ran the Phone Call to the World, Green Ambassador sessions HOME Manchester ( The youth that represented ARROWSA Bechet reflected on the sessions as follows:

"My Green Ambassador workshop experience was really amazing - Learning how to work with other people from around the world and how our countries are experiencing the same climate change challenges. We came together to create ideas how to help limit the increase in climate change and to create projects which was amazing and inspired me!" Monique.

"The whole week of the workshop was very informative and in my perspective a huge success. Everybody's input and ideas were amazing and I absolutely enjoyed working with everyone." Nicole.

ARROWSA and South Roots Int. (SRI) are both now involved in new projects that were inspired by our participation in the Phone Call to the World environmental project. Both organisations are also continuing the environmental work that was started during the project e.g. ARROWSA continues to nurture their vegetable and cultural garden and have plans to extend their mural. 

SRI has taken the cleaning of the dam on the doorstep into their own hands as the authorities have done nothing to clean it up despite being alerted to the negative environmental impact.