Friday 29 October 2021

Production day edited by Vincent Salanji ARROWSA - Phone Call to the World

Phone call to the World production day 

with ARROWSA Bechet 

and SRI 

at Bechet High Durban

Video edited by Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA 

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Thursday 21 October 2021

Textile Women

South Roots International youth visit 

ARROWSA- SRI - Indra Congress -LHM collaborative exhibition

They Stand Their Ground 

The exhibition is at the Old Court House Museum, Durban and after seeing it and the nearby struggle exhibitions it triggered the youth to sing iNkululeko Freedom! Filmed and edited by Shanette Martin of SRI.

iNkululeko ingeyakho nawe
Freedom ingeyakho nawe
(Freedom belongs to you too)

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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Heritage Day Vegetable garden ARROWSA PCTW

ARROWSA Bechet youth started their vegetable and cultural garden on South Africa's Heritage Day. The project is thanks to funding from National Arts Council for the vegetables and Phone Call to the World British Council funding via Scottish Youth Theatre for the arts materials.  The garden is an ongoing process and was continued in the Phone Call to the World ARROWSA and South Roots International week's workshop and production in the first week of October 2021. The video was filmed and edited by ARROWSA Vincent Salanji of Vinnies Vision.

#artsforsocialchange #phonecalltotheworld #COP26 #togetherforourplanet #theclimateconnection @arrowsa.artpeace @scottishyouththeatre @britishcouncil 

In this together

In this together video!!

by ARROWSA featuring Sue Livia van Wyk

Including art works by ARROWSA, South Roots International and Indra Congress Gorse Hill Studios

Including video footage by Shanette Martin and Vincent Salanji

Mouth organ played by Felipe Pozo of Indra Congress Shef

Edited by Devin Carter