Tuesday 14 August 2012

ARROWSA Bechet participant, Hlobisile Khanyile, wrote a poem at home and then brought it to a session and shared it with the group. She says that she wrote the poem after the noise and excitement of a session the previous week when the group was workshopping a play.

ARROWSA               by Hlobisile Khanyile  (17 yrs)

ARROW is my place called home
A home forming a future and uplifting each other
With a mother
Working on different brothers and sisters
Every Tuesday and Thursday
Enriching minds and souls
with people’s different cultural beliefs
That will evoke peace and happiness
in lives and still make changes
In the world
Yes! We are different and that’s what
brings us together
You would hear rhythm and style
playing during our sessions
and you would hear shouting
and screaming of excitement
When we write down our differences
on a piece of paper with a pen  writing
That can never be erased
That brings a bigger brighter future
A future more like our dreams
That are better than our Guess Jeans
That fitted perfectly but never lasted for years.
You can find your dream in ARROW
So full and free
Without hearing a mother’s scream
Or voices of horror and fear
ARROW is my place called home                                              2012

Wednesday 8 August 2012


Let’s go back to the days

By Darnelle Fortune  (14 yrs)


Let’s go back to the days
when we were young
When we were free
And lived life how it’s supposed to be

When imagination was not a word
But a part of our dreams
When being hurt didn’t matter
and sadness didn’t exist

When LMNO was one word
And we didn’t know the meaning of obscured
When friendship was the only relationship
and the fun never ended

When it was OK to cry
And impossible to lie
When you never wished you’d die
and focused on spelling “My”

You see!
There’s a difference between past and present...

Past is the essence of life...
it makes you who you are...
past is a simple time of life...
that takes you very far...
it’s a learning curve that many have been through
it’s a journey that leads you to...
the present is now
it’s on the spot
the present is time...
the present is life...

We often get confused between the two
and our minds don’t go too far
let’s go back to the days
that made us who we are!                           2012