Thursday 15 December 2022

Despite That There is joy!

Enjoy our video of the ARROWSA, South Roots Int. production 

Despite that there is Joy!

This video is of the musical community theatre production "Despite that there is joy!"
The production is supported by the National Arts Council South Africa, ARROWSA, Bechet High, South Roots Int. (SRI) and UZKN Dept of performing arts. All songs and music included in the video are original and were devised and composed by Sue-Livia van Wyk, SRI. in collaboration with ARROWSA and creatives in the organisations and institutions mentioned above. Lighting was done by Nicole Sacco, SRI and the slide show created by Shanette Martin and operated by Angela de Fava, SRI and ARROWSA alumnus. The musicians in this production included Sue-Livia van Wyk on guitar and Njabulo Nxumalo, ARROWSA, Khwezi Mngomezulu, ARROWSA and Gracia Nicholls, SRI on drums. The film is introduced by Bheki Dlamini of ARROWSA who leads the ARROWSA Bechet group. The production also features Gracia Nicholls, SRI, and her original poem "Brilliant Black Beauty". The final version of this video was edited by Shanette Martin of South Roots Int. The video footage was by Shanette Martin of SRI and Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA. It builds on two previous ARROWSA projects - "Arts and Mental Calmness" supported by National Arts Council and "Despite that" supported by the British Council. These projects and "Despite that there is Joy!" were managed by Mary Lange of ARROWSA and coordinated by Bheki Dlamini, ARROWSA Durban, Shanette Martin, SRI, Cape Town and Alix Harris, Beyond Face, United Kingdom. The production of Despite that there is joy! is the result of a collaboration of directing and performance by ARROWSA management, ARROWSA Bechet, ARROWSA alumni and South Roots International creatives from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. A film "Despite that" was included in the production and was the result of a collaboration between creatives from ARROWSA management and alumni, Durban, South Roots Int., Cape Town and Beyond Face, United Kingdom.

Sunday 27 November 2022

Despite that there is joy! 

ARROWSA presents a musical production at UKZN Square theatre, Howard College Durban on Saturday 10th December at 2pm!

Join us at this uplifting musical including original songs and dances created by 
the ARROWSA teams with South Roots Int. (SRI) 

directed by 
Bhekithemba Dlamini 
(ARROWSA management Performing Arts)

assisted by 
Sue-Livia van Wyk (SRI musical director) 
Shanette Martin (SRI technical director) 
Gracia Nicholls (SRI performer)  
Nicole Sacco (SRI performer)
 Vincent Joseph Salanji (ARROWSA management Visual Arts) 
Sethe Ntando (UKZN Drama and Performance)
Lizwi Moyana (UKZN Drama and Performance)
Monique Mukendi (ARROWSA alumni)
Njabulo Nxumalo (ARROWSA alumni)
Nkanyezi Vilakazi (ARROWSA alumni)
Sanele Madlala (ARROWSA alumni)
Sfiso Langa (ARROWSA alumni)
Sindisiwe Precious Mkhize (ARROWSA alumni)

administrative assistance by
Luthando Ngema (ARROWSA Management Chairperson)
Mary Lange (ARROWSA Management Fundraising)
Miranda Young-Jahangeer (ARROWSA Management Creative Arts)
Lauren Dyll (ARROWSA Management Finance Executive)

supported by 
National Arts Council
UKZN Department Drama and Performance Studies


Saturday 22 October 2022

Despite that there is joy marketing

Despite that there is joy! 
ARROWSA workshop theatre production 

In October 2022 ARROWSA youth, teenagers and ARROWSA and UKZN artists came together, led by ARROWSA Mr Bheki Dlamini, to refine and rehearse the workshop theatre production "Despite that there is Joy!"

Here they share their experience and invite you to attend their performances in December. The video is part of the skills transference of filming and editing led by ARROWSA Vincent Salanji. The project is supported by the National Arts Council South Africa.

Saturday 24 September 2022

 Happy Heritage Day 2022!

A word from our ARROWSA chairperson Luthando Ngema:

"Happy Heritage Day! May we continue to learn from our heritage of Ubuntu. May we inherit a new heritage of resistance, so our future has less residue of painful and repressive histories."

Tuesday 30 August 2022

ARROWSA presence at the South African Museums Association KZN Region Conference August 2022

The Local Authority representative on the ARROWSA management, Ayanda Ngcobo Simelane is the Museum Officer at Bergtheil Museum Westville, Durban Local History Museums and the Chairperson of the South African Museums Association (SAMA) KZN Region. As Chairperson of SAMA KZN, Ayanda organised the very successful SAMA KZN conference on the 24th and 25th August at the impressive Umgungundlovu Multi-Media Centre, Ulundi, KZN with a pre-conference dinner on the 23rd and tours on the 26th. The Keynote Address on 24 August was given by Dr Bongani Ndhlovu who is the SAMA National President.


The Museum Curator of Durban Local History Museums who is also a partner of ARROWSA, Mohau Qalaza, was one of the presenters on the same day and her presentation was titled "The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Museums in Initiating and Sustaining Programming that Involve Sponsorship, Collaborations, Alliances and Partnerships in the post Lockdown era’.

On the 25th August Dr Mary Lange, of ARROWSA management and a Centre for Communication and Media in Society, UKZN Honorary Lecturer, was the guest speaker. Her presentation was based on her and Prof Teer-Tomaselli's co-authored book "Telling stories of pain and hope: Museums in South Africa and Ireland" forthcoming from UNISA Press. Her presentation focused on Museum communities, collaboration and sustainability and was well received and resulted in a lengthy debate after the presentation.


A post-conference tour on the 26th went to the homestead of King Dingane and to the grave sites of 2 Zulu Kings.

ARROWSA congratulates Ayanda on the success of the conference! 


Photos by Nhlanhla Mzobe with permission

Wednesday 13 July 2022

 Despite that... Song (click on title to go to the ARROW SA YouTube video)

Youth from Durban, ARROWSA and Cape Town, South Roots Int. collaborated with Beyond Face in the UK on the co-creative project Despite That... This video is of the Song "Despite That" co-created by the artists produced by Sue-Livia van Wyk of South Roots Int and including singers from ARROWSA Durban, SRI and Beyond Face. The video was filmed and edited by Shanette Martin of SRI, Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA and Dan Martin of Beyond Face. With thanks to the British Council.

Thursday 7 July 2022


Despite That Film  (click title for link to the film)

Join ARROWSA Durban, South Roots Int. CT and Beyond Face, UK creatives in celebrating the process of their co-creation project Despite That!  

Creatives from ARROWSA, South Roots International in South Africa and Beyond Face in the United Kingdom came together in an  online and face to face meeting to collaborate on a project called Despite That.

At the heart of the project they explored perceptions of each other and themselves and co-created this film to share with the world.

The film recognises that each individual has challneges based on where they live, however we can find joy in connection and shared stories Despite That!

Editors -  Dan Martin, Shanette Martin and Vincent Salanji
Coordinators - ARROWSA Durban, Bheki Dlamini, South Root Int. CT, Shanette Martin, Beyond Face, UK, Alix Harris
Original song co-created by the team and produced by Sue-Livia van Wyk of SRI.
Overall project management Mary Lange of ARROWSA.

Thanks to the British Council for making this project possible
Thanks to ARROWSA and South Roots Int. and Beyond Face management and social media teams , Gracia Nicholls, Tamera Heron and Vincent Salanji for the input and support
Thanks to Sana Bella Ebrahim of ArtSigns Visual for the SASL
Thanks to Bechet High School for the use of their venue 
Thanks to Bergtheil Museum, Durban LHM for the use of their venue

Thursday 23 June 2022

 Despite That... collaborative song

British Council SSA cultural exchange project

ARROWSA alumni led by Bheki Dlamini, SRI led by Sue-Livia van Wyk and Beyond Face, UK led by Alix Harris co-created the song Despite That... Each hub wrote their own lyrics in a joint online workshop and then they each recorded their lyrics which were produced into a final song. The song will feature in the Despite That... film which will launch on 7 July 2022. The song building session and song production was led by Sue Livia van Wyk of SRI. 

     ARROWSA alumni, Durban at the filming session of their contribution to the song Despite That...

Vincent Salanji films Sana Ebrahim signing the chorus of the song

South Roots Int. rehearse their dance that is part of their filming of the song

Beyond Face UK recording their section of the song

Thursday 16 June 2022


Happy Youth Day 2022!

ARROWSA Alumni having fun filming towards the Despite That... film as part of the co-creative project with UK partner Beyond Face and national creatives from South Roots International. The project is supported by British Council. 

Friday 3 June 2022

 ARROWSA is collaborating with                         South Roots International in Despite That...

ARROWSA is thrilled to be collaborating with South Roots International to represent South Africa in the Despite That.. project. Our UK partner is Beyond Face and the project is funded by British Council. The South Roots International team is made up of ARROWSA alumni and South Roots Int. interns as well as talented artists Gracia Nicholls, Nicole Sacco and Sue-Liva van Wyk.  Their team is led by filmmaker Shanette Martin.

Thursday 2 June 2022

ARROWSA Durban work on their film script for the Despite That... project

Supported by British Council 

In collaboration with Beyond Face in UK and South Roots Int. in Western Cape

The ARROWSA Durban team is made up of ARROWSA Bechet alumni and led by Bheki Dlamini assisted by Vincent Dlamini as the filmmaker. The team started in May to create and film their contribution to the collaborative film for Despite That...

The ARROWSA Durban Despite That... team includes above from left to right:
Monique Mukendi, Sfiso Langa, Sanele Madlala, Nkanyezi Vilikazi, Nicole Pillay, Sindi Mkhize and Jabu Nxumalo


Saturday 30 April 2022

ARROWSA presented at the Webinar: Arts, youth conscientization

 and environmental issues at COP 26: Reflections on Phone call to

 the world on 28 April 2022

The webinar was part of the Centre for Civil Society - Special Webinar Series that took place

between March and May 2022. The series is titled Reflections on COP26 and remains online

for 2022.

ARROWSA Speakers were: Mary Elizabeth Lange and Luthando Ngema and ARROWSA invited

South Roots Int.  Noluthando Shandu and Rachelle Ngalula Mukendi  to present with them. Bheki

Dlamini of ARROWSA assisted in the devising of the presentation. 

The topic of the webinar was:

ARROWSA, a registered voluntary non-profit organization based in Durban South Africa, led South Africa’s participation in an international project titled Phone Call to the World. This collaborative project with youth utilized the arts to address environmental issues. It was led by Scottish Youth Theatre, funded by the British Council and culminated in a COP26 exhibition in Glasgow of outputs from the hubs in Scotland, England, Palestine, India and South Africa. Representatives of ARROWSA and their national partner South Roots Int. in the Cape Flats will in this presentation share how ARROWSA came to be involved in a COP26 project, who the participants from Durban and Cape Flats were, what methodology was used in the project, what the project outputs were and which of these were included in the COP26 exhibition. The challenges, success and impact of the project on the participants and the organization will also be explored in the presentation.  


Wednesday 27 April 2022

 Freedom Day 2022

The work is not for yourself - 

kill that spirit of self and 

do not live above your people 

but live with them. 

If you can rise bring someone with you. 

Charlotte Maxeke

May these words resonate with you ARROWSA Family. 

May our freedom grow, for socio-economic and cultural upliftment. 

Regards Luthando (ARROWSA Chairperson)

Monday 4 April 2022

Launching officially our  international co-creation project 'Despite that...' 

ARROWSA Durban team for Despite That... (from left to right): Nicole Pillay, Monique Mukendi, Nkanyezi Vilakazi, Sindi Mkhize, Jabu Nxumalo, Sanele Madlolo and Sfiso Langa, The team is led by Bheki Dlamini

ARROWSA is pleased to lead this project which is a collaboration with Beyond Face in the UK and South Roots Int. in Cape Town, South Africa. The project is supported by the British Council.

vlog days 3 and 4

ARROWSA Bechet learners continue on Day 3 and 4 of the Arts and Mental Calmness project to explore social issues through the arts that culminated in a community performance. The perfomance was made up of rehearsals of aspects of the the craft, singing, dancing and drama workshops led by ARROWSA and Department of Performing Arts, UKZN and South Roots Int. artists. Supported by Bechet High and funded by National Arts Council.

Friday 1 April 2022

ARROWSA NAC Arts and Mental Calmness vlog day 2

Day 2 of ARROWSA NAC Arts and Mental Calmness. A wonderful time of  creating art for social change. Thanks to artists from ARROWSA, South Roots Int. and the Department of Performing Arts, UKZN. Bechet High for the venue and funding from National Arts Council South Africa. Filmed and edited by Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA and Vinnies Vision.

Thursday 31 March 2022

ARROWSA NAC Arts and Mental Calmness vlog Day 1 30 March 2022

Day 1 vlog ARROWSA  NAC

Arts and Mental Calmness

Thanks to Bechet High School, South Roots Int., Dept of Performing Arts UKZN, Vinnie's Vision, Perfect Events and National Arts Council South Africa.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

 Phone Call to the World - ripples created

As the Phone Call to the World project, led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by the British Council, draws to a close the ripples created by the project are felt in the South African hubs that were led by ARROWSA: ARROWSA Bechet Durban and South Roots Int. Cape Flats. 

The project came to a close with three online sessions for youth selected by each participating country. These youth were selected as Green Ambassadors. Lisa Allen of Indra at Home in Manchester, facilitated that Home ran the Phone Call to the World, Green Ambassador sessions HOME Manchester ( The youth that represented ARROWSA Bechet reflected on the sessions as follows:

"My Green Ambassador workshop experience was really amazing - Learning how to work with other people from around the world and how our countries are experiencing the same climate change challenges. We came together to create ideas how to help limit the increase in climate change and to create projects which was amazing and inspired me!" Monique.

"The whole week of the workshop was very informative and in my perspective a huge success. Everybody's input and ideas were amazing and I absolutely enjoyed working with everyone." Nicole.

ARROWSA and South Roots Int. (SRI) are both now involved in new projects that were inspired by our participation in the Phone Call to the World environmental project. Both organisations are also continuing the environmental work that was started during the project e.g. ARROWSA continues to nurture their vegetable and cultural garden and have plans to extend their mural. 

SRI has taken the cleaning of the dam on the doorstep into their own hands as the authorities have done nothing to clean it up despite being alerted to the negative environmental impact.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

PCTW TV Monitor They stand their ground installation

Tv monitor added to the They stand their ground against gender-based violence exhibition

As part of Phone call to the world project a tv monitor was added to the They stand their ground against gender based violence exhibition hosted at the Old Court House Museum, Durban Local History Museums. ARROWSA chair Luthando Ngema  met the Durban Local History Museum staff at the exhibition and they discussed the importance of the exhibition. Videos of original work created by ARROWSA Bechet and South Roots International youth that links to the exhibition is played on the tv monitor. The tv was funded by the British Council as facilitated by Scottish Youth Theatre.

#phonecalltotheworld #togetherforourplanet #reverberation #creation #artforsocialchange

Monday 10 January 2022

Poem by Comfort ARROWSA PCTW

Comfort, an ARROWSA Bechet participant, performs the poem that he wrote inspired by the Climate Crisis. This forms part of the Phone Call to the World project led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by British Council. 

Perish! drama created by ARROWSA youth PCTW

As part of the Phone Call to the World project led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by British Council, ARROWSA youth collaborated with South Roots International in drama workshop during the October 2021 holidays. Vincent Salanji filmed and edited a drama that the group devised based on littering. 

Dance movement Come Closer PCTW

ARROWSA youth, Angelique, Zainub, Sinenhlanhla and Aleze create a dance-movement to an original song 'Come closer' created in workshops with ARROWSA youth and South Roots International creatives during the Phone Call to the World October 2021 workshops in Durban. The song workshop was led by Sue-Livia van Wyk and is sung by Monique Mukendi, Noluthando Shandu, Sphelele, Sue Livia van Wyk and Intomibikile Khena. The song is a creative response to environment issues and is a song of inclusivity of all people - calls us to come together, inviting all to the table, and take note of what is happening. The project was led by Scottish Youth Theatre and funded by British Council. Filmed by Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA. Edited by Vincent Salanji of ARROWSA and Shanette Martin of South Roots International. The sound engineer was Brendan Nicholls

Monday 3 January 2022


David Oddie, founder of ARROW and Indra, 

and former director writes of the passing of 

Archbishop Emeritus Tutu                    

and how he influenced the beginnings of 


 The latest news from The Indra Congress
 The Indra Collective

A network of artists, educators and others sharing a commitment to use the arts as a resource for conflict transformation and to help young people navigate their way through challenging situations and settings.

Dear Friends of Indra

Desmond Tutu.  Died Dec 26th 2021

Desmond Tutu was the  inspiration for the  original ARROW programme (Art: a Resource for 
Reconciliation Over the World) in 2003.  His courageous, deeply moral stance against apartheid 
in South Africa made him a legend in his own lifetime, his voice reverberating around the world 
denouncing racist injustice. He was willing to put his life on the line again and again in standing 
up for what he believed was right.  He supported the BDS campaign as a non-violent means to 
enable racist South Africa wake up and become aware of the self-defeating stupidity of apartheid, 
as well as its immoral foundations and practice.

After the collapse of the apartheid regime, President Mandela asked him to lead the Truth and 
Reconciliation Committee, which involved Tutu listening day by day, sometimes in floods of tears, 
to the stories of people whose lives had been cruelly devastated.  For Tutu, reconciliation was not 
a simple, easy letting go, it was a profound struggle which understood that acknowledgement and 
acceptance were  the first but necessary steps in moving forward.

The Truth and Reconciliation hearings provided a platform for deep listening, for the sharing of 
people’s stories and experiences of the apartheid years.  This initiative inspired the vision and founding 
intention of ARROW; to explore how the arts could provide a non-violent resource for reconciliation 
and conflict transformation. 

One of the proudest days of my life was the opening of the Desmond Tutu Centre on the campus of 
what is now Marjon University. Although Tutu himself was unable to attend, Mary Lange and some 
of the ARROWSA group went to Cape Town to interview ‘the Arch’, a memorable experience for them 
all. The management of Marjon at the time had understood the symbolic relevance of Tutu in relation 
to the Marjon mission – an understanding, sadly, not shared by ensuing administrative regimes.

In later years Tutu’s moral voice still echoed around the world.  He was deeply distressed on visiting 
Israel and Palestine, commenting ‘that at least the white apartheid regime wanted us for our labour’.  
As years earlier he had supported the BDS campaign in South Africa, he now voiced his support for 
the BDS campaign in Palestine.  As he memorably put it, ‘to be neutral in a situation of injustice is to 
choose the side of the oppressor.’

As well as the serious intention to provide a platform for sharing stories, celebration and fun have 
been major components of various ARROW/Indra Congress events over the years; resonating with 
Tutu’s infectious laughter and irrepressible humour, a trait he shared with that other icon of spiritual 
and moral courage, the Dalai Lama.

The world is indeed a better place for Desmond Tutu living here.

David Oddie
Dec 2021