Thursday 21 January 2021

ARROWSA-INDRA South to North collaborative arts for social change project        (partially funded by National Arts Council South Africa) 15th Jan 2021


South Roots International led the 'Scarecrow' session with Shanette Martin introducing her  perceptions of Scarecrows and introducing the history of their origins. Nicole Sacco encouraged the participants to create their own scarecrows out of any materials that they had at hand in their homes and to plant a/some vegetables whether in a pot for the windowsill or in a patch of land. Angela Del Fava then led a visualisation session to encourage the participants to identify their own context that would influence the construction of their artistic scarecrow that would be unique to their cultural and physical context. The success of the exercise was evident in the responses of the participants. 

Sue-Livia van Wyk and her team shared a fun interactive Scarecrow song and dance that they devised. 

We look forward to seeing the unique scarecrows that the participants create!

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