Sunday 13 January 2013

Another poem from our ARROWSA poet

by Darnell Fortune

Reality has lost its touch
Its not the same
Society is corrupt
Blinded by fame

... As I write this poem
I think of all that is happening around me
Darkness kills daylight
There's half a family tree

The Youth has lost its respect
Respect has lost its worth
Worth has lost its pride
Pride is just a word

Women fought and became independent
Hardworking and proud
But independence stopped working and had too much pride
And so a child came along with no father

Men were breadwinners and were responsible
But immaturity overcomes responsibility
And so drugs and alcohol were brought into the picture
Without a Frame

Education was once craved for
But every craving involves an eager tongue
Something society lacks
'Students craving knowledge'

All that you read is being seen through the eyes of a 15 year old
A young soul with a future ahead
But someone who lacks a role model
That could tell me what shouldn't and should be said

Lightning doesn't strike more than once in a place
The sun never stops shining
And in the world today
We never stop lying

Life is our own echo
Let's pray this one doesn't come back
The world is changing
And Fast

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