Tuesday 7 May 2013


Please support our youth who are fundraising to attend the Global Indra Youth Congress in Derry, N Ireland from the 30th June to the 6th July.  All accommodation and food is to be paid by the Irish hosts but our team: Hlobisile Khanyile, Kholakele Zikhali, Bhekithemba Dlamini, Sindisiwe Mkhize, Nonkululeku Dube and Luthando Ngema need funds for the airfare.

 If you would like to support them our banking details are:

ARROW SA Current Account Nedbank Westville Mall Acc No 1380160146 Br No 138026


Hlobisile (left) and Bheki (right)


 Sindisiwe (centre left) Nonkululeko (centre right) Kholakele (back right)


ARROWSA ex Bechet High School learners and teachers who went on international tours
ARROW 2010 Global Youth Congress in Plymouth, United Kingdom

ARROWSA youth who attended previous international workshops and congress have shared what the experience meant to them and what they are doing now:

Gilly Mchunu

The trip to Plymouth didn't only forward me wonderful opportunities but opened my eyes to the world! The saying that the world is your oyster was/is a true understatement to me. Memories and never ending friendships  were formed on the consensus that interdependence is the change that starts within us - BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE :)..sincere thanks is due to the sponsors and supporters...

At the moment I'm on the verge of completing my Office Management Certificate Course. Second semester I start my IMM (International Markerting Management) Degree. I model part time and work for medical aid brokers. Sweating to lead a Sweet and well deserved life.


Sibusisiwe Buthelezi

I am currently doing my third year in journalism at Durban University of Technology and I am set to start my internship on the first of July 2013.

The ARROW Bechet trip for me was an experience that I will never forget and it enabled me to break out of my shell. It showed me that there is more to the world than what I knew and it also made me very grateful for the life I had. Hearing the stories of Sierra Leone and Palestine made me realise that my everyday struggles are nothing compared to the sufferings that other people my age have to endure.

Sertanya Reddy

Since attending the congress in 2010, I have worked as a researcher at the Centre for Communication, Media and Society on issues related to public health and development. In 2011 I was selected as a Commonwealth Scholar and completed a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Edinburgh, UK. I was awarded my degree with distinction and the research I conducted for my dissertation, on youth participation in environmental issues, was inspired by the lessons on youth participation that I learnt while volunteering with ARROW. I have also been awarded the Emma Smith Overseas Scholarship and in August this year I will begin my PhD in America. My doctoral research will focus on issues related to cultural diversity, multiculturalism and intercultural exchanges. These are all issues that I learnt about at the ARROW congress, so I firmly believe that the congress has helped shape the research and work that I have conducted in South Africa and the UK and will now conduct in the USA.

I was fortunate enough to attend the ARROW international global youth congress in 2010, held in Plymouth, UK. As a university student who worked as a volunteer with the ARROWSA Bechet group, I was given the opportunity to attend the congress with Mary Lange and four Bechet students. The congress exceeded all my expectations and turned out to be one of the most exciting and transformative experiences of my life. Meeting other young people from around the world proved to be not only fun and interesting, but also extremely educational as we began to understand how essential it is to accept and embrace people who come from different national, religious and cultural backgrounds. The bonds of friendship that were created during the congress and the collaborative academic, cultural and artistic work that emerged are testament of how valuable events such as the congress are to the global society in which we live today.

ARROW Bechet 2006 group tour to Plymouth ARROW, St Marjon College, United Kingdom

Kyle Griffiths

Studied at Durban University of Technology. Presently a Navigation Cadet at Safmarine Container Lines

Arrow Bechet opened our eyes as people to the world and the different people in it. It taught us that even though we are all different, as people we all, at heart, are the same. Through Arrow Bechet we learned how to break down the "walls" that keep people apart and make friends and touch the lives of people that we never realized we could.  

Mdu Richard Mthetwa

Ex Bechet High teacher who now works for the Gauteng Department of Education.

It was a great way to connect with the world and share stories, challenges and success of the project and more importantly experience what many of us would have not been able to experience was it not for ARROWSA Bechet and the sponsors.

 Nicole Hayley Goss

Going overseas is not just a trip its a life-changing experince.  Its broadens one's mind and shows you a whole new world. If anyone could be a part of sponsering a child a brand new experience I would say do it. You will forever be ingrained in that child's memory for helping them achieve / experience something that they thought was only just a dream..... I am currently working for National letting in the maintence department but I'm studing teaching and psychology. If when I become a teacher I can help kids achieve what other helped me do we would have a very good caring strong upcoming generation.

Africa Ncgobo

Studied at Durban University of Technology, media and video production

I cannot put into words what being a part of ARROWSA Bechet has done for me, today I am in full time ministry serving in Faith Centre International where we build people who have been hurt and broken by every kind of life challenge that you are able to think of, we minister in word and in action to people of all ages and races and we know no limits to help. I believe that ARROW Bechet was a building block - a major building block in me surrendering my life to help those less fortunate than myself even though I never believed I was able to give anything cause I never had a value of myself in my own eyes but God through a surrendered soul like Mary Lange and my other Bechet teachers kept building my hope and faith in myself by telling me that nothing was impossible and I learnt never to say I can't but I can! I wish every young person had this opportunity to experience ARROW Bechet and also to reach just one soul and see a smile coming from the depths of a heart that was hard and never knew love, rekindled in hope and love and looking forward to a brighter future than they ever imagined, I still always dream of that trip to London and abroad as if it was yesterday and I can see every face of the kids we went with and it always brings tears to my eyes, I have made it a life goal to go back again for at least a month and relive every moment, even though I will be alone this time but God will touch me again where my life really began to be brighter....I can never perfectly put this in words, I can't say how grateful I am for every person that partnered with ARROW Bechet and made my life a dream come true.  

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