Wednesday 2 April 2014

ARROWSA, CCMS, UKZN presents at the

SPIRITUALITY IN THE 21ST CENTURY 2014 conference in Prague

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
Ready to present a joint panel that focused on Spirituality in the field:
Shanade Barnabas, PhD candidate at CCMS, UKZN; Dr Lauren Dyll-Myklebust, ARROWSA management and CCMS, UKZN lecturer and Mary Lange, ARROWSA chair and CCMS, UKZN affiliate.

Proud to be South African! Dr Lauren Dyll-Myklebust, ARROWSA and CCMS, UKZN and Mary Lange, ARROWSA and Shanade Barnabas, CCMS, UKZN presented papers as a joint panel at the 'Spirituality in the 21st Century' conference in the magical city of Prague.  The conference emphasised the importance of acknowledging, understanding and incorporating people's various spiritual and religious beliefs in both research and practise.

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
Lauren and Shanade presented enthusiastically and confidently at the conference.

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
Mary draws attention to the joint ARROWSA and CCMS, UKZN publications 
'Engraved Landscapes' and 'Mooi Loop'

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust

Their papers were well received and Lauren also very competently chaired one of the sessions. 

Photo: Lange

South Africa was well represented at the conference and the academic and presentation standards of the South African delegates was high. We realised that South Africa is at the forefront of the inclusion of Spirituality and Religion awareness and training in our tertiary institutions. 

The educational aspect of the conference extended beyond sitting listening to papers as the city's fairytale landscape, complex history and inspiring cultural heritage was explored.

 Photo: Barnabas
Shanade joined a group of conference delegates on a cycle tour of the outskirts of Prague.

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
Charles Bridge is not only an historic landmark and a link to the old city over the Vltava River but it always is vibrant with a hub bub of tourists and local people enjoying the view, busking, prone begging, selling locally made goods and rubbing the brass statues whilst praying or wishing.

Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
Prague Castle is a landmark of the many changes of rule that to which Prague has been subject.  From its medieval walls is a breathtaking view of the city and the Vltava River.
Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
The Gothic Cathedral at Prague Castle is awe inspiring both outside and inside.
Photo: Dyll-Myklebust
The serene cobbled alleys of Prague reflect now a serenity which belies the city's turbulent past.

The conference was memorable as the papers were both academically and personally informative and inspiring!

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