Sunday 25 May 2014

Book Launch 


Handover to the National Heritage Council funders

at the Duggan-Cronin Gallery, Mc Gregor Museum Kimberley on 16 May 2014

A very successful book launch and handover to the NHC funders was hosted by McGregor Museum, Kimberley. The attendance of the Kalahari Participants attendance was facilitated by ARROWSA who wrote the funding proposal for the original research and the book publication and co-ordinated the project. Many of the research team were present including the five Kalahari participants and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone once more. Unfortunately not the entire book team could be present and they were missed, particularly the representatives without whom the physical publishing of the book would not have been possible, such as Liana Muller-Jansen, Carine Muller, Petrus Jansen, Lizet Verwoerd, Pedro  Dausab, Schalk Le Roux and Nico Botes.

Photo by Prof Roger Fisher

The book team meet up once more at the launch.  Lef to right Prof Keyan Tomaselli (CCMS, UKZN); Dr Lauren Dyll-Myklebust (ARROWSA, CCMS, UKZN); Belinda Org, Oeliset Jan Org (Kalahari participants); Koot Msawula (Mc Gregor Museum); Mary Lange (ARROWSA, CCMS, UKZN); Klein Dawid //ankie Kruiper, Lydia Lys Kruiper, Izak Kruiper (Kalahari Participants); Dr David Morris (McGregor Museum); Prof Emeritus Roger Fisher (UP)

Dr Dyll-Myklebust, ARROWSA research portfolio and CCMS, UKZN lecturer, contributed to the book as an author.  She is accompanied by CCMS, UKZN students.

Photos by Prof Roger Fisher

Stella Ndhlazi of the National Heritage Council                Dr David Morris, archaeologist, editor and author, 
greets book contributors and authors Jan Oeliset              addresses the launch audience.
Org and Belinda Org.

Prof Keyan Tomaselli, CCMS, UKZN - editor and author

Klein Dawid //ankie, //khomani contributor to the book

                                Photos by Prof Roger Fisher

//Khomani contributors, Izak Kruiper and                                     Ms Stella Ndhlazi, National Heritage 
Jan Oeliset Org addressed the audience.                                      Council, funders of the book.
Jan Oeliset spoke in Nama and Izak translated
into Afrikaans.

Prof Emeritus, University of Pretoria, editor, author and co-funder sits in the Protea Hotel Kimberley (who co-sponsored the Kalahari team's accommodation) prior to going to the launch at the McGregor Museum. Prof Fisher's support of the project was immense as not only was he an author, editor and translator but he provided transport for various stages of the book's research and publication phases and he was a major drive in both the editing and printing phases of the book.

Photos below by Dr Lauren Dyll-Myklebust

Koot Msawula, Mc Gregor Museum, greets Lydia and Izak Kruiper, //Khomani contributors.

Tessa Toerien, author from University of Cape Town, with Prof Keyan Tomaselli, CCMS, UKZN, editor and author and Mary Lange, ARROWSA, editor and author.

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