Monday 25 May 2020

Happy Africa Day 2020! 

From ARROWSA we wish all our fellow Africans the best for today and for coping with and after Covid-19. In particular, we wish a happy Africa Day 2020 to our fellow Africans in the ARROWSA and  Indra Network with whom we have celebrated at ARROW and Indra Congresses: ARROWSA Bechet.

Abasha Bash in Durban, South Roots in Cape Town,  Jerry Adesewo of Arojah Royal Theatre in Nigeria

Ndeamoh Mansaray from Indra in Sierra Leone

And the young men, Denis  Swartbook, Gianni Beukes, Darrel-Ray Willmore, Smithley Araeb of Anistemi College and Training Centre in Usakos, Namibia and the Beukes leaders.  

We look forward to strengthening our co-operation on the continent and beyond for social change through the arts!

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