Thursday 6 May 2021

Scarecrows in Solidarity




Scarecrow project - Participatory research

The youth in the Scarecrow arts for change project did their own research once more, to find out what the highlights of the project were - what art forms were used in these highlights and what social change it inspired?  The majority of the youth identified the vibrant creative response of South Roots International and how they related the 'scarecrow' project to a need for solidarity against gender-based violence. Particularly the original song of Sue-Livia and Selby "I am here for you" was identified as an impactful creative response. The focus on identity and us needing to empathise and see ourselves in others was focused on in their 'scarecrow' creations. The song and creations are included in the video below created by South Roots International. The project is partially funded by National Arts Council.

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