Wednesday 28 July 2021

New ARROWSA Chairperson - 

Ms Luthando Ngema

ARROWSA (Reg 088-058 NPO) is very happy to announce that Luthando Ngema is the new ARROWSA Chairperson. Ms Ngema started as a student researcher from CCMS, UKZN and then volunteer at ARROWSA Bechet. In 2010 when ARROWSA registered as an NPO Ms Ngema was appointed as one of the ARROWSA management where she has served ever since. 

Some of the ARROWSA - Indra international arts for social change exchanges that Ms Ngema led include the trip to Study Hall Educational Foundation, Lucknow, India 2014 and to Indra Congress, Plymouth in the UK in 2016.  She was also integral to the Pathways Indra Congress in Durban in 2018.  The use of hand mapping for personal change has been developed and refined by Ms Ngema both locally and internationally.

Luthando Ngema has also been active in ARROWSA's culture and heritage programmes over the years. When a student, Ms Ngema volunteered as an assistant on ARROWSA culture and heritage projects with the Palmiet Nature Reserve and once qualified she continued to represent ARROWSA at collaborative functions and events between ARROWSA and Local History Museum projects such as the Passbook and Abasha Bash competitions. Culture and heritage national tours that she has been part of include Kalahari exchanges.

Ms Ngema has also succeeded in raising funds for certain ARROWSA projects and has published research on ARROWSA arts for social change (see Pathways Indra Congress: Cultural Literacy for Social Change )

and culture and heritage for social change (see  Cultural and natural heritage school programmes and social change. )

Luthando Ngema is a lecturer in Media at the School of Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is also a researcher, teacher and social media expert and one of the project leaders for the Fukamisa Intsha film project - community engagement for UKZN. She is a PhD candidate, Media and Cultural Studies UKZN. 

We wish Luthando Ngema all the very best in her new role at ARROWSA!

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