Tuesday 17 July 2012


One of ARROWSA's objectives is to bring together individuals, institutions and organisations via the arts for the sharing of knowledge and the promotion of understanding for peace.  Towards this objective collaborative jewellery exhibitions have been held over the past three years.

This year ARROWSA, CCMS, UKZN, Bechet High and DUT Jewellery Design and Manufacture department will hold their collaborative jewellery exhibition at DUT art gallery, Steve Biko Campus from the 20th July to the 1st August 2013. The theme of the exhibition links to the 2013 IAMCR hosted by CCMS, UKZN namely "South-North Conversations".  In line with this theme the jewellery exhibited will be inspired by the fusion of south and north cultural influences - specifically South African and Celtic (Irish).

The jewellery exhibitions have also served the purpose of fund raising towards ARROWSA youth's participation in face-to-face intercultural exchange excursions both nationally and internationally.  This year a portion of jewellery sales will go towards the ARROWSA youth attendance of the Indra Global Youth Congress in Derry, Ireland June/July 2013.

At the exhibition opening the ARROWSA Bechet youth traditionally perform and this year the group has created a short programme on the theme of communication past and present.  They work shopped the programme over three days in the school holidays.  Participants this year range from a youth who has only attended ARROWSA Bechet sessions for two weeks to one who has attended for 7 years. The short programme includes poetry, dancing, story telling, music and singing 

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