Wednesday 25 July 2012

Positive chat 



jewellery exhibition opening at DUT art gallery July 2013

"It was the best exhibition opening that we've ever had! There was such a good vibe!"  
(Bhekithemba ARROWSA assistant facilitator)

"The students jewellery was magnificent!" (Visitor)

'The jewellery was so well made and reasonably priced." (Visitor)

"You could see that a lot of work and attention had been put into the jewellery!' 
(Visitor from Johannesburg)

"I could have listened to Prof Mc Cracken speaking all day about his home town Derry in Ireland!" 
(DUT student)
"It was interesting what the Prof said about the similarities and differences between the Irish and the Zulus and that the Irish could learn something about reconciliation in the small things from the South Africans."
(ARROWSA Bechet)

" Dr Connoly made us feel so special and what she said was so interesting!" 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)
"She really made us think about how art also includes science and the importance of the Irish and our culture in pre-writing times"
(ARROWSA Bechet co facilitator)

"When I got home I told my parents about it and they were proud of me and wished they had been there." 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)

"I was so proud of 'The Songbirds' and the dancers. 
Even though the music on their phone didn't work  and one of the dancers belts started to come off - they just carried on and gave it their all!"  
(Bhekithemba ARROWSA Bechet co facilitator)

"A lady dressed in mauve (Marja Bremer) spoke to us afterwards and congratulated us. She was so appreciative and encouraging!" 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)

"The evening highlighted the worth of the ARROWSA trips" 
(Osmond Lange Architects 2006-2011 ARROWSA funding support)

"I think everyone will want to send their children to Bechet after tonight" 
(Bechet High teacher)

"I loved the food!" 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)
"There was such a spread of food and all just from the ARROWSA Management team each bringing something"  
(ARROWSA Management) 
"A man came up to me, congratulated me and shook my hand, then I headed for the chips." (ARROWSA Bechet learner)

 "Darnelle's poem was amazing!"
(UKZN lecturer)

"I was so impressed that Tshetiya's storytelling kept the attention of even the DUT and UKZN students" 
(ARROWSA Bechet facilitator)

"Do the ARROWSA group really write their own material?  That is so good!" 
(Visiting youth)

"I really enjoyed the band, rock on!"  
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)

"A lot of pieces of jewellery were sold! It was so full! " 
(DUT art gallery curator)

"19 pieces were bought on the opening night!" 
(ARROWSA Management)

"Please say thank you to those people who have supported us every single exhibition opening like Lauren and her family and Mrs Bremer!"
 (ARROWSA Bechet learner)

"I enjoyed every minute of it" 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)

"This year people really seemed to appreciate what we're trying to do." 
(ARROWSA Bechet learner)

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  1. I miss my ARROW family and I'm so proud of the work that you guys are continuing to do. I'm especially proud of Aunty Mary for not giving up on the kids and for creating a platform for the kids to express themselves so that they may avoid getting into troubled situations.