Sunday 19 February 2017

ARROWSA Bechet 2016 Certificate Ceremony

ARROWSA Bechet, led by Mr Bhekithemba Dlamini hosted their  entertaining, moving and inspiring 2016 certificate ceremony at the end of the school term. The event was attended by ARROWSA Bechet family, friends, Bechet staff and ARROWSA management.

The ARROWSA Bechet group performed extracts from their devised production '1955' scripted and directed by Mr Dlamini that focuses on the activist role that the school learners and educators played towards the downfall of apartheid. Costumes and dance routines in the production fused the diverse cultures represented within the ARROWSA Bechet group.

The learners also performed their own devised and directed programme on child and teenager abuse based on personal experience.   The programme specifically focused on the empowerment of young abused women.

Certificates and awards were handed to ARROWSA Bechet participants for dedication and exceptional performance.

ARROWSA chair, Mary Lange, was presented a humanitarian trophy and Certificate for outstanding dedication by Bechet High School.

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