Sunday 19 February 2017

United Kingdom theatre and dance performers, Alix Harris and Jules Laville, funded by the British Arts Council, exchange skills with ARROWSA Bechet - February 2017.

Alix Harris, theatre performer, script writer and theatre for social development facilitator initiated the exchange with ARROWSA. The trip was facilitated by ARROWSA chair, Mary Lange. Alix, Jules, Bhekithemba, Luthando Ngema and Mary Lange had worked together previously at Indra Congresses in Plymouth, United Kingdom and Alix had been part of a skills exchange previously with ARROWSA Bechet that was funded by the National Arts Council SA.  The ARROWSA Bechet leg of the 2017 trip was co-ordinated by ARROWSA management and Bechet High School teacher Bhekithemba Dlamini and the exchange with UKZN drama department by ARROWSA management and UKZN lecturer Miranda Young-Jahangeer.


Alix and Jules watched ARROWSA Bechet devised performances on the 7th  February 2017.  The ARROWSA Bechet participants performed fusion dances as well as songs that they had composed themselves.

Approximately 100 participants attended the ARROWSA Bechet workshops on the 7th and 9th February 2017. Alix focused on the text and physical theatre aspect of the workshop that she and Jules led on the 9th February 2017 at ARROWSA Bechet. 

Jules focused on the dance aspect of the workshop that introduced ensemble dance which combined  with the vocal exercises and warm up games introduced by Alix provided the ARROWSA Bechet with fresh approaches and additional performance skills.


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