Wednesday 23 May 2018

1. Build-up to the Indra Congress Pathways 

hosted by ARROWSA and UKZN 

in Durban from 2nd to the 8th of July 2018

We have an ongoing build-up to the Indra Congress Pathways that introduces the participants and arts facilitators and organisers to each other and also shares the artworks that the participating groups are working on that they will share with each other at the congress.

eThekwini Abasha Bash 2017 Group 

The eThekwini Abasha Bash 2017 group that are part of the eThekwini Local History Passbook Competition (see ) are attending the Indra Congress Pathways.  They represented eThekwini Local History Museums at the Bremen Youth Festival in 2017 and they also performed their devised work on Steve Biko at the Passbook Competition Educator's workshop 2018.  The vibrant group is made up of teenagers who attend schools in the Durban area and who were judged as the best performers at the Abasha Bash 2017 competition.  The group will be led at the Indra Congress Pathways by two eThekwini Local History Museum, Bergtheil Museum Westville, interns Zinhle and Mbali.

A video of an extract of the exciting performance of the Abasha Bash 2017 group is on view at the Passbook Competition art exhibition at the Durban art gallery until the 26 May 2018.  The exhibition celebrates the five year mark of the Passbook competition.  

ARROWSA is privileged to be one of the partners of this project.  The art exhibition not only includes a video of the Abasha Bash group that will be attending the Indra Congress Pathways but also is worth a visit for the impressive artefacts made by mainstream and special needs Primary School learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7.  The artworks explore the themes posed by the Local History Museum Passbook Competition over the past five years and are well worth seeing!


We look forward to sharing with the Local History Museum interns and Abasha Bash 2017 team at the Indra Congress Pathways!

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