Sunday 28 March 2021

Nicole Sacco  and Shanette Martin 
session on personality strengths 

from South Roots International, Cape Flats, SA

(Partially funded by the National Arts Council)

Nicole introduced the South to North and SAUKINIDA teams from ARROWSA, South Roots International, India and UK Indra in an interactive online session to different online resources for personality strength testing. She and Shanette explained the different types of personality strengths and related them to the arts. 

Clifton Strength finder personality test

“A test to discover what you naturally do best and to learn how to develop your greatest strengths into talents”.


Strength - the ability to consistently produce a nearly perfect positive outcome in a specific task.

Knowledge - what you know.

Skill - developed ability to move through the fundamental steps of a task.

Talents - our natural abilities uniquely received at birth a natural way of thinking, feeling, behaving.

Your strength is a combination of knowledge, skill and talent.

A weakness in knowledge and skill can be managed with relative ease, but a gap in talent is more of a challenge.

There are zillions of talents, which means it is impossible to name them all.  We therefore put these talents into themes.

 34 themes

Activator, Achiever, Arranger, Analytical, Adaptability


Command, Communication, Context, Connectedness, Competition, Consistency

Discipline, Developer, Deliberative


Focus, Futuristic


Ideation, Individualistic, Includer, Input, Intellection




Responsibility, relator, restorative

Self-Assurance, Significance, Strategic

Winning other over (WOO)


Shanette Martin then introduced a hypothetical situation for the participants to develop in role play. The team was at the beach and the driver had lost the keys to the bus between leaving the bus and settling on the beach. The participants were divided into zoom groups and each group role played how they would react under these circumstances. When the groups all returned into the main online room their reactions to the lost bus keys was analysed according to personality strengths. Shanette emphasised how important it was for their to be a mixture of people with different personality strengths to address the situation.                 

The session was informative, thought provoking, creative and fun!

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