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The 'SCARECROW' AS A METAPHOR                                                                                                                                                                                          (this project is partially funded by National Arts Council

The ARROWSA - INDRA, South to North and SAUKINDIA  collaboration moved from scarecrows as literal artworks to considering them as metaphors for addressing social ills including gender based violence.  

In one of our arts for social change sessions South Roots International participants shared their interpretations of the scarecrow. Below are the script drafts and photographs of their presentations in the session.

Angela del Fava:


Hi everyone. For anyone who is new that is tuning in my name is Angela Del Fava and I come from a community in Durban South Africa called Sydenham. When I think of my community amidst it's beauty, I see gangsters, drug dealers, beggars, inequality and poverty. And so, in relation to our topic of gender-based violence and our scarecrow project, I decided to tell a different story about the men in my community. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Show cartoon drawings with music.

So moral of the story, the good you stand for, male or female, shines light and creates an impact. Not just for now but for generations to come. The backpack of my scarecrow is unity, identity and community development. I believe this is what my community needs right now. This is what my scarecrow believes in and that he chooses to carry with him.

Thank you!

Noluthando Shandu:

A scarecrow that scares away all the inequalities and social issues in South Africa using the gifts and strengths of the people groups in SA.

Legs represent the Khoisan speaking people. They are the first people of the land, they live closely with the land. They steward and cultivate the land. 

Stomach represents the Coloured people. They are people of hospitality! Coloured aunties feed you lekker! The buttons on the stomach represent the diverse bloodlines they carry, a physical representation of Ubuntu.

The arms represent the Bantu speaking people. They are warrior people, fueled with confidence and a spirit of conquering, community orientated people.

The neck represents the Afrikaans speaking people. People with tenacity, steadfastness and Bly Staan spirit.

The mouth represents the people of Indian descent. They are people who are very good with business, bring pizazz, shine and spice into the nation.

The eyes are the English speaking people. They are visionary people that pay close attention to detail, compassionate and have great communication skills.

Ngiyabonga. Gangangs. Dankie. Thankyou.

Rachelle Mukendi:


Jesse Jack:

My script...


Good day Indra family, my name is Jesse and  I would like to share my scarecrow with you.


The scarecrow's name is 'the protector' and I use this name for the following reasons I will be mentioning. In my community there is a lot of garbage and litter around beautiful trees, flowers and reeds on the riverbank. In time, nature grows and in twine with the litter and they are now fused together because of the lack of stewardship of the people that is walking around it and not picking it up.


Now, my scarecrow protects not just the nature but man-made things to. See, in order to make glass you'll need sand to do so and in order to make paper you'll need trees to do so. In other words, they are all one in the same and the protector does  show it that quite well as you can see here (showing parts of the scarecrow).

That is it from me and my scarecrow, Thank you!

Gracia Nicholls and Nicole Sacco:

Scarecrow script - Brilliant Black Beauty

Both: This is Brilliant Black Beauty

Gracia: She is made up of old plastic, toilet rolls, come plants and old fabric.

Nicole: She represents every indigenous woman and every woman in South Africa and Africa.

Gracia: She also represents every woman who has risen up, embraces her identity and fights against the evils in society.

Nicole: She is redeemed, powerful, royalty, she is Brilliant Black Beauty. She is resilient, humble and she is radiant!

Selby Williams and  Sue-Livia van Wyk

 Scarecrow SCRIPT 

(This scarecrow is twofold - depicting the actual scarecrow in the garden but also taking on his role as protector of women and girls. Protecting them from the evil of the world - gender based violence. Knowing and understanding his role as a man)

(The flower represents women and girls in society that have been effected by gender-based-violence)

Scarecrow: I am a descendant of the first people of the land that are known as the stewards of the land. Looking after the crops and the fields. Protecting them from those who come to steal and devour. 

Flower: Oh get away from me! You're like all of them... you take and take and take as if it belongs to you!  Get away, just get away! Stop taking what's not yours!

Scarecrow (responds to Flower in a song):

I am Here for you
So do not be afraid
'Cause each and everyday
I am here to stay (2x)

Every season
Summer, Winter,
Autumn, Spring
Winds and rains
Everything coming your way (x2)

Mbali Umhle
You are strong
You're a warrior
So much more (x2)

Flower (believes Scarecrow and sings back in response - they then sing together - believing that she is beautiful and worthy to be loved!

Ntombi Khena:

 Shanette Martin:

Presentation of who I am?

I think not it be necessary as you see. Authority and strength

Wisdom at length

Protecting to be what must be.

Protection for whom do I hold this fort? Birds that must fly, bees to draw nigh, but turn me around and it will be found This image of God cannot be bought.

Protectors who will stand - fathers, brothers, husbands’ friends without compromise.

Protection of why we were born - our purpose and destiny.


If we look at the reflection of ourselves or others and know that we are created in God’s image, we will not dare allow the violation of trafficking, violence or any other abuse.


Blue & White - UK but also peace and love 

Practical reflectors, ribbons, cloak and a bell to shoo the birds.

SA Flag - Safety for all our people in our land

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