Monday 28 June 2021

 Webinar 1 Phone Call to the World

Ecobricks as a tool for environmental education

by Jessica Ross

Jessica Ross facilitated our first ARROW-INDRA webinar as part of The Phone Call to the World project. One of ARROWSA's non-arts partners in the project, CCMS, UKZN organised Jessica's participation in the webinar. Jessica is a passionate advocate for the environment.  She has a MSc in Geography, and is currently a student teacher of Geography and English. Jessica's passion for the subject of Eco bricks shone through as she presented a PowerPoint on the subject. Jessica included her context, how to make Eco bricks and the process and results of her MSc on Eco bricks.

The webinar was attended by approximately 45 youth and leaders from South Africa, India, England and Scotland. 


Mr Bhekithemba Dlamini of ARROWSA led the webinar and an ARROWSA Bechet participant Monique Mukendi warmed up the session with a beautiful rendition of "Hero" by Mariah Carey.  Monique opened the way for Jessica to show how we can be hero's in the fight for our environment. Or as Jessica said: "Eco warriors" and "Eco worriers"!

The break away sessions in the webinar, after Jessica's presentation, resulted in creative responses inspired by what she had shared. Some groups focused on what they would create from eco-bricks from chairs, tables, walls and dirt bins. Other groups focused on how they would create an awareness campaign on Eco bricks through media such as cartoons.

If the ARROWSA Bechet participants' inspired reaction to the project are anything to go by Jessica has sparked a renewed drive in how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastics with innovative and creative products as an outcome.

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