Monday 25 June 2018




We have an ongoing build-up to the Indra Congress Pathways that introduces the participants and arts facilitators and organisers to each other and also shares the artworks that the participating groups are working on that they will share with each other at the congress.

Meet the youth from Namibia who will join us at the congress!

''My name is Denis Swartbooi, born in Rehoboth, Namibia, grew up a few years of my life in Arandis and now currently living in Rehoboth. I'm a first year student at Anistemi College in Usakos. I have a strong passion for arts and craft ever since I was a young boy. I love drawing and singing as I see true beauty in life through it. I'm a very open-minded person. Open to learn anything and share my ideas of how I do things and willing to learn new skills to improve my talents."

"My name is Gianni Beukes, I  was born and raised in Rehoboth, a central town in Namibia 80km south of Windhoek. I am a highly motivated and dedicated individual in my community. I am currently studying towards my  degree in law. I am a very energetic individual and always had a deep sense for culture and arts. I am highly motivated by my culture's legacy and it awakens an urge with in me to share  and revive it. I am a high tolerant person for different cultures, customs and traditions. I can best be defined as a persevered, dedicated and well organize individual. I am always adjustable to new circumstances. I can endure a lot of hardships and know how to adore an opportunity."

''My name is Darrel-Ray Willmore, born in Rehoboth, Namibia and raised in Okahandja a town located 140km North of Rehoboth. As I grew up, I've always had a desire for the automotive industry as well as cooking and poetry. I am quite enthusiastic and dedicated to achieve wellness in all aspects of my life, because nothing pays off as much as hard work. My deepest passion is to fulfil the missing gaps of people in my community as well as around the globe through my message.''

Smithley Araeb

"My name is Smithley Araeb. I am 17 years old, i first year student in hospitality and tourism at Anistemi College and Training Centre, Namibia. I was raised in Arandis and moved to to Rehoboth at aged 13. I always strive to do my best and push myself to get things right that try out. I have a passion for cooking and serving people. Besides the kitchen i love dancing, drama and poetry, and always ready to try new things."

We are excited to meet these young men from Namibia at the congress!

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