Thursday 7 June 2018




We have an ongoing build-up to the Indra Congress Pathways that introduces the participants and arts facilitators and organisers to each other and also shares the artworks that the participating groups are working on that they will share with each other at the congress.

Meet the Media and Cultural Studies team from UKZN.


"Luthando Ngema, has been part of ARROWSA as a volunteer since 2010. And through this participation her community engagement projects are strongly linked to ARROWSA and Indra Congress activities.  She will be one of the hosts at UKZN and will facilitate the hand mapping exercise.  Look forward to laughter and fun around Luthando.  And learning about the South African culture and people.  Youth development for Luthando  is important, because the youth are influential in creating cultural futures and encouraging peace in conflicted environments."                                          


"I'm Layla Dube, ready to welcome Indra Congress participants in Durban.  I am a Masters student studying Marketing and Cultural Studies.  I am an English, Media and Cultural studies tutor and the Academic Development Officer for the School of Arts.  My link to ARROWSA is through Luthando Ngema, and I've had the opportunity to attend events around the Abasha Bash and Passbook Competition, which are projects affiliated to ARROWSA.  I am passionate about youth development because young people have a lot to offer they just need a guiding hand and opportunities."


"My name is Samantha Madondo and I am a Masters student in the school of arts at UKZN.  Volunteering for youth development is a crucial element to get involved in.  With youth month fast approaching it is important to get involved in initiatives like the Indra Congress that help assist youth in various creative spaces.  As students in the School of Arts it's important to pay it forward and give to our visitors an unforgettable South African experience.
Fun fact: I've played professional hockey for 6 years."


"Hi, I'm Sbusiso Lungani Hlongwa, born and raised in Durban KwaZulu-Natal.  I enjoy working with the youth, especially through edutainment programmes.  Making a difference in someone's life, give me motivation to keep going and encouraging youth to do better in approaching life and its challenges.  Volunteering for a youth development program for me is very important because for me it means I play a huge role in the development of our South African youth, therefore this ensures a more positive and confident individual.  Looking forward to meeting all the Indra Congress participants  Sizobonana maduze (we shall meet soon)"

"Hi everyone, I'm Tshimanga Tshiteya from ARROWSA SINCE 2010.  So excited to once again participate in the Indra Congress!  My short story, Imbewu Yesizwe, was adapted and performed at the Indra Congress back in 2014.  I am an aspiring young Civil Engineer currently doing his 3rd year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  I speak seven languages, play three different music instruments and I am hoping to travel to one hundred countries before 50 yrs.

I have always been passionate about the youth and being able to inspire young through my experiences. I believe that in order to change the future and the world, it start with the youth.  I have been an active, on and off, member of ARROWSA from 2010 to date. Looking forward to catch up with everyone!"

We are looking forward to working with ARROWSA management and UKZN lecturer Luthando as well as her Media and Cultural Studies, UKZN team.  We welcome back ARROWSA alumni Tshiteya!  We thank them all in anticipation for their assistance in running the congress.

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